VSIP II - Binh Duong

To meet the strong demand, the VSIP set up a second park, named VSIP Binh Duong, in 2006 within the Binh Duong New Township, approximately 32 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, and just 15km north of the maiden VSIP. This 345-ha development  also houses a logistics park, offering ready-build & built-to-suit warehouses and distribution centres.

In 2008, to meet the increasing demand of investors, VSIP Binh Duong expanded within the Binh Duong New Township, this time adding 1,700 hectares which comprises 1,000 hectares of industrial zone and 700 hectares township.
Today, the brand has two presense in southern Vietnam, the maiden VSIP and the VSIP Binh Duong, occupying a total of 2,845 ha in gross project size. It is one of the most successful industrial park brands in Vietnam where more than 440 customers from 22 countries and territories around the world have chosen to establish their long-term investment projects, and attracting total investment capital of US$5.3 billion.
VSIP II - Binh Duong
RBF   Terrace (1,000 sqm) & Detached (2,000 sqm)
Prepared land        Minimum land plot from 5,000 m2 (VSIP II - Phase 1) and 7,000 m2 (VSIP II - Phase 2)
Power Supply         Stable National-Grid Supply; 6x63 MVA equal to 321.3 MW
Water Supply         WHO Quality Standard: max capacity of 20,000 m3 (VSIP II - Phase 1) and 50,000 m3 (VSIP II - Phase 2)
2,000 lines (VSIP II – Phase 1) and 10,000 lines (VSIP II – Phase 2) .Equipped with IDD, private leased lines and fiber optic capabilities
Broadband ADSL services available.
Sewage Treatment Plant    6,000 m3 (Phase 1) and 6,000 m3 per day (Phase 2 - maximum capacity up to 45,000 m3 depending on customer’s demand)
Amenities            Sports facilities, banks, post office, restaurants, canteen and commercial centre
VSIP Corporate Brochure

VSIP Corporate Brochure

VSIP II Binh Duong

VSIP II Binh Duong

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