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Huu Nghi Flower Road - VSIP Bac Ninh Lunar New Year 2020 (Year of the Rat)

On the occasion of Lunar New Year 2020 (Year of the Rat), with the desire to open a joyful place to celebrate New Year for people who are living and working around VSIP Bac Ninh Integrated Township and Industrial Park, VSIP Bac Ninh and Viet Nhan Bac Ninh co-organized the Fair "Huu Nghi Flower Road 2020" with the theme: “Bắc Ninh: Vận hội thăng hoa – Kỷ nguyên thịnh vượng”.
The Fair Huu Nghi Flower Road 2020 was officially opened at 6:30 PM on 12th January 2020 (as 18th December, Year of the Pig) at Centa City - VSIP Bac Ninh.
The Fair consists of 3 main areas: Tet Flower Road, Stalls and Game Area. Tet Flower Road is arranged with the art "Essence of the past - Creating the future - Era of prosperity", taking us from the ancient Bac Ninh to today's Bac Ninh and to the future of Bac Ninh. This will be the ideal check-in location for visitors.
The Stalls Area, with nearly 200 stalls, includes consuming goods, food, Tet flowers and craft villages from all over the country. Besides visiting, shopping, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in traditional folk games interspersed with modern games in the Game Area. The unique art performances will take place every evening, with a variety of folk and modern art forms from the North - Centre - South.
The Fair will last until 19th January 2020 (as 25th December, Year of the Pig), promising to be one of the must-visit places in spring for the people in Bac Ninh and neighboring provinces.