Nghe An – August 10, 2020 – As one of the earliest green buildings built in Nghe An, Office building of VSIP Nghe An Integrated Township and Industrial Park has been recognized by VBCG as a Green Building with 73 points - meeting Lotus Gold standard in July 2020.

With the criteria of ecological significance and friendly with the environment, right from the design stage to construction and operation stage of the building, it is ensured to minimize negative impacts on the natural environment.

Mr. Teng Wei Hong - Deputy General Director of VSIP Nghe An shared: “Green offices are not encapsulated in green paint or planting many trees. It is a way of organizing and operating the office towards being environmentally friendly, creating an inspiring workspace, saving energy, avoiding waste and putting pressure on the environment"


In particular, In the design of VSIP Nghe An office, the input data (about solar radiation, air, temperature, humidity, wind ...) was analyzed for an optimal design plan, to maximize the use of natural climate as well as suitable with local weather characteristics in order to reduce the use of energy when it goes into operation.


During the construction process, materials and equipment were selected according to the criteria of green buildings: using unburnt bricks and glass to replace burned materials; insulating roofs and walls; cover, use low-heat-absorbing paint, install energy-saving HVAC air-conditioning systems and LED lighting ... with the aim of improving operational efficiency while ensuring the use energy and other resources efficiently.


Especially, the highlight of the VSIP Nghe An office building is the system of many trees that are harmoniously arranged from the outside to the inside and the working area creates a fresh atmosphere, close to nature for staff working in the office.

“A modern, comfortable office but still airy is always a dream of every office staff. This helps the staff increase productivity and creativity. As for me, every morning when I step into my workplace, I feel excited and full of life" Ms. N.T.H. Anh – a staff of MKT Department shared.


During the development process, VSIP Group has transformed from a traditional industrial park to an Integrated Township and Industrial Park with a comprehensive master plan towards a clean and green development according to Singapore standards in Vietnam, with the combination of human, environmental and industrial factors to create an ideal working space, always setting sustainable development as the first goal.

Along with synchronous, completed and modern technical infrastructure before tenants go into operation (road system, electricity supply, water supply and drainage, wastewater treatment, firefighting system), the green factor is also indicated in the design and development process of each item of VSIP Nghe An Integrated Township and Industrial Park.

The successful pioneer in the development of a green-oriented building shows the consistency in the strategy of VSIP Group in general and VSIP Nghe An in particular, ensuring the right direction of developing an optimal and sustainable working, living, learning and playing environment for the community of investors in the project.