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Binh Dinh, September 27, 2020 - Becamex Binh Dinh Joint Stock Company (JSC) today held the ground breaking of Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh in Binh Dinh province – central province of Viet Nam. Witnessed by Vietnam Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Truong Hoa Binh and Government Members, the successful ceremony has opened bright prospects to beef up the region’s industrial development.
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Covering around 1,425 hectares, the project will be found in Canh Vinh commune (Van Canh district), belonging to Nhon Hoi Economic Zone’s block 07. This encompasses an 1,000 hectare industrial park where Becamex and VSIP will jointly developed; and more than 425 ha of residential, commercial and resettlement.

With the planning task performed by a team of highly skilled engineers and architects striving to create a green, clean, beautiful, and sustainable space, the IP will feature a modern and seamless infrastructure platform consisting of internal and external roads, power system, water supply and drainage, telecommunications, wastewater treatment, a green park, and a square.

The site will be home to multi-disciplinary industries closely attached to a full suite of service facilities like healthcare and education units, trade centers, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment venues, community sports grounds, and social housing. Each subzone will be rationally arranged to meet even the highest requirements of hundreds of thousands of local residents and investors, helping them to save costs while optimizing investment efficiency. 

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Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Township and Industrial Park is developed, managed and operated by Becamex Binh Dinh JSC. It has simultaneously being a testament to the strategic and efficient partnership between the two southern localities of Binh Dinh and Binh Duong, as well as between top players Becamex IDC and VSIP Group.

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Strong reputation In Binh Duong province, Becamex IDC is one of the top players in the investment and development of industrial zones, residential areas, urban complexes, and transport infrastructure. VSIP Group, meanwhile, is a joint venture rooted in Binh Duong between Becamex IDC and Singaporean partner Sembcorp Development. Before this ceremony, VSIP’s string of 09 projects across the country attests to Vietnam’s tremendous appeal to foreign investors, drawing them in to set up production bases serving domestic and international markets.

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The two partners’ track record in diverse localities across the country has lent significant impetus to the socioeconomic development of Binh Duong province and the entire Vietnam. Both Becamex IDC and VSIP Group are well-established brands in the domestic and regional markets, particularly in industrial zone (IZ) investment and development, earning solid trust from investors. Becamex Binh Dinh JSC inherits these valued advantages and experience of its parent companies, ensuring the efficient management of Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Township and Industrial Park.
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Van Canh district, the site of Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh, has difficult conditions for development. However, with active support from local management agencies, we will do our utmost to ensure progress and quality, attracting other investors to join. From there, we can create more jobs and make bigger budget payments, helping to accelerate local socioeconomic development as well as improving people’s lives.”

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The ceremony also saw the signing of MoUs on the same day which marks the investment expansion efforts of domestic and international investors with successful development records at industrial zones under the management of Becamex IDC and VSIP Group. This happy start attests to the real potential of developers Becamex IDC and VSIP Group for project development.

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The project is expected to help Binh Dinh attract about $2 billion into industrial production, creating jobs for 120,000-150,000 laborers in Binh Dinh and nearby localities after coming on stream. It also helps elevate Binh Dinh’s competitiveness economically, improve social and technical infrastructure, and will contribute more than VND400 billion ($17.3 million) to the state coffers annually.