Nghe An, September 28, 2020 – As a model integrated township and industrial park, besides completed infrastructure, VSIP Nghe An determined that the environment is an important factor to attract investors. This is the first project in Nghe An to achieve LOTUS green building certification, affirming the investor's commitment to sustainable business strategies, ensuring harmony between economic development and a healthy living environment development and a healthy living environment.


“Good land" attracts investors "

Located at the western gateway of Vinh city, it can be flexibly connected to the city's key project cluster by modern Vinh - Hung Tay Avenue or National Highway 46A, VSIP Nghe An Integrated Township and Industrial Park is the 7th industrial park of VSIP Group which is well-invested, modern and impressive in Nghe An. The infrastructure of the IP has basically been completed, transportation systems, roads and factories are designed, constructed and monitored in accordance with international standards. Investment attraction activities are paid attention.  

During the development process, VSIP Group has transformed from a traditional industrial park to an Integrated Township and Industrial Park with a comprehensive master plan towards clean and green development according to Singapore standards in Vietnam with a combination of human, environmental and industrial factors with a green vision and consistent strategic plans for a sustainable development to the whole community. Believing that a clean and fresh space is a unique competitive advantage of VSIP in the process of attracting investors from all over the world to work, live, study and play here.

Waste water collection and treatment system has always been focused and planned synchronously. The centralized sewage treatment plant in VSIP Nghe An phase 1 with a treatment capacity of 6,000 m3 / day has been completed.

Equipped with an inverter system combined with online monitoring equipment to optimize the operation of the equipment, saving energy 30% more than conventional systems; SCADA intelligent control system combined with online monitoring system can monitor, remotely control and retrieve data sent directly to computers, handheld devices of employees and management department. The plant has also completed the installation of an odor treatment system to ensure the thorough treatment of odors arising from the wastewater treatment plant, if any, to bring a fresh working environment.

A project is expected to change the face, create a breakthrough for Nghe An industry as well as bring the most professional business environment to investors.

Up to now, VSIP Nghe An Industrial Park has 27 investors committed to invest (12 FDI projects, 15 domestic projects), of which 14 investors have been put into operation; 5 projects are under construction, expected to be completed and put into operation in 2020 and 8 projects are undergoing investment procedures, expected to create jobs for about 25,000-30,000 workers. 


Singapore lifestyle in the heart of the industrial park

VSIP Nghe An Commercial & Residential Area is a classy and luxurious urban area project designed in a modern, green and people-centered style. With an area of ​​Phase 1 of about 83 ha, the project will bring an experience of a new lifestyle and amenities that suitable to the need to live in a modern, safe environment with diverse facilities and harmonize with nature of Nghe An people. In addition, with reasonable price along with synchronous urban technical infrastructure, promises to bring an attractive living space, community communication, entertainment for the residence here, bringing VSIP Nghe An Commercial & Residential Area can be compared with modern, classy urban areas in Vietnam and around the world.

Currently, VSIP Nghe An Central Park is being developed with an area of ​​2.6 ha designed by consultants from Malaysia and Singapore with the philosophy of family as the mainstream. In addition to the fresh green patches, art fountains with modern laser lighting system, children's playground, amphitheater, outdoor exercise equipment will bring a lot of spaces for play, entertainment and relaxation for all the residence at all ages. It also has a rich diversity of flora will be alternately planted to provide a airy, fresh space.

Adjacent to VSIP Nghe An Central Park is the shopping and dining area with a total usable area of ​​about 8,000 m2, including 32 2-floor retail outlets with flexible use, ready for lease to provide restaurant, cafe, shopping services and other suitable utilities. The shop houses of VSIP Nghe An Commercial & Residential Area will be built in a gated residential area with many facilities such as 24/7 security protection; clubhouse with swimming pools, indoor gyms, community rooms that promise to bring a completely different living experience.

 VSIP is not only the leading developer of Integrated Township and Industrial Park in Vietnam, but it has also developed and affirmed its position in the world, attracting hundreds of businesses globally. VSIP Group has been and will continue to build, develop and operate many green industrial park projects, contribute a significant part to the socio-economic development.