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Binh Duong residential market – Big potential for development

Binh Duong residential market has huge development potential due to the growing number of immigrants, of which many are foreign experts and successful young entrepreneurs. In the context of high housing demand and escalating sales prices, apartments in Binh Duong have become an attractive investment channel maximizing profits for investors. Although it is the newly emerged market, real estate enterprises flocking to Binh Duong has been increasing over the past two years. The supply of apartments is mainly concentrated in districts adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City or developed areas such as Thu Dau Mot, Di An and Thuan An. Most of the apartments are mid to high-end along with amenities and convenient transportation system to meet all residents’ needs.

‘’In the next 2-3 years, Binh Duong residential market will enter the boom period. The incoming of leading developers, coupled with the booming local market demand are the key factors. Up to now, in Ho Chi Minh City, the new land bank for project development is limited along with huge existing supply of apartments leading to unprofitable rental yield. Meanwhile, Binh Duong is the leading province in attracting foreign investment capital, as such, the number of experts moving here to live and work have also increased, which generates good apartment rental yields’’, Mr. Vu Quang Vinh – Deputy General Director, VSIP-Sembcorp Gateway shared.

‘’The Habitat Binh Duong is really the highlight of customer’s smart choice when investing in buy-to-let properties. Generally, 60% of The Habitat’s residents are foreign experts in need of buying for living or lease back from Vietnamese owners.’’ 

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Highly prestigious developer

The Habitat Binh Duong is a residential project developed by VSIP-Sembcorp Gateway Co., Ltd. – a partnership among VSIP J.V, Co., Ltd, Sembcorp Properties (subsidiary of Sembcorp Industries from Singapore) and MC Development Asia (subsidiary of Japan’s Mitsubishi Group). The collaboration among reputable investors makes The Habitat Binh Duong a star project in the area, providing modern, high-end and sustainable apartments.

With the aim of creating breakthrough solutions to reshape the urban landscape architecture, The Habitat Binh Duong focuses on state-of-the-art design, making the most of the space, and enhancing the work-life balance of residential community in Binh Duong and surrounding cities. In particular, the development is equipped with a sensor system to save energy by taking advantage of natural light, in line with Vietnam and global sustainability trends.

‘’In the process of developing the project , we have received tremendous support from local authorities. The Habitat Binh Duong consists of 3 phases with 11 blocks, which phase I and phase II have been completed and brought to market a supply of more than 700 units. Phase I has currently achieved 100% occupancy while more than 70% of Phase II’s 460 apartments were handed-over.’’ 

At The Habitat Binh Duong, world-class modern facilities such as green park, gym room, Singapore-standard swimming pool, children's playground, BBQ garden, clubhouse, etc. will satisfy all residents’ living and entertaining needs. This is the highlight of The Habitat Binh Duong as compared to other projects in the area.

Our development is honored to receive major awards from prestigious international property associations such as Best Mid-end Condo Development, Best Sustainable Condo Development, Best Condo Landscape Architectural Design and Best Residential Green Development. 

Attractive investment opportunity in Binh Duong

Known as the “industrial capital” of Vietnam, Binh Duong is one of the leading localities attracting FDI. Having the advantage of modern and completed industrial park infrastructure, Binh Duong has become a preferred destination for locals and expats, particularly from nations including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, US, etc. Not only taking the lead in attracting FDI, Binh Duong but also has been building transport infrastructure sustainably and professionally. These are two important factors helping Binh Duong real estate market prosper.

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