Rehearsal on fire protection (2019) of VSIP Quang Ngai & Xindadong Textiles Co.

Quang Ngai, August 23rd, 2019 - The professional fire prevention and fighting team of VSIP Quang Ngai in collaboration with its tenant - Xindadong Textiles Company organized fire drills, fire protection and rescue with the aim to enhance and maintain the management, awareness and safety actions against possible fire and explosion for all employees at the plant.

With the specific characteristics of the textile manufacturer, fire prevention and rescue are always the top priority and a vital element of an enterprise. Hundred members participating in the rehearsal completed the set goals and were stepped up the skills on how to effectively handle fire extinguishers in the event of fire and minimize damage to people and property at the minimum levels. Through the rehearsal, the Company has found additional excellent members to build a network of "Safety and Hygiene" and reinforced industrial working etiquette, safe and sustainable production in the future.