As usual, around the time of traditional Mid-Autumn festival, VSIP Hai Phong holds an event for the employees inside out park and locals from surrounding communities to enjoy the festival and have memorable moments. This 2019, once more time, VSIP Hai Phong was honor to cooperate with Hai Phong Economic Zone Trade Union to for organizing a successful and meaningful festival.


Thanks to the creativeness and endless efforts from our tenants, the participants witnessed a blooming night of color and unique designs. It was not only about fashion but also a message calling for environment protection. The support from tenants is always a big drive for us to work on social activities.


Year by year, the number of participants has increased. There were about 10,000 people came and blended into the cozy and dynamic astmosphere of the event. The children were excited with lion dance, fashion performance and float laterns.

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Taking this chance, 24 gifts were given to poor students from 8 communes of Thuy Nguyen District by VSIP Hai Phong Charity Fund. Viet Nam General Confedaration of Labour and Hai Phong Economic Zone Trade Union also gave some allowance to poor workers for encouragement.